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How to Share Your Adwords Account with Datastream Marketing

At Datastream Marketing, we help you generate more leads within your existing advertising budget. As part of that process, we perform a detailed review of your adwords account to make sure we’re truly going to be able to help you.

This post will talk you through how to share access to your adwords account so that we can review the campaign, without having to give us your actual Adwords login details.

(1) Sign In to Adwords

Go to with your Google account.

(2) Tell Us Your Adwords Customer ID #

We don’t need your adwords login details. Instead, we need the Customer ID # associated with your adwords account so we can request access to the account through our adwords management account (below).

The Adwords Customer ID # is in the top right of your adwords account, immediately after signing in (it’s on most pages of the adwords interface).


All you need to do is tell us this customer ID # via email. We’ll then proceed with the next steps below.

(3) We’ll “Request…” Access Through Our Account

Google provides us with a special system to manage multiple adwords accounts for our clients. Using your customer ID #, we’ll request access to your account.

(4) Approve Our Request for Access

Once we complete the request, we’ll notify you. Then, you can login to your adwords account and approve our request.

Login at and click “Account Access” in the “My Account” menu.


Within the “Client Managers” section, “Approve Request” from us to have Client Manager access to your account:

accept-request copy

*You can terminate access using the same button, and selecting “Terminate Access”

Let us know after you’ve done the above, and your account will appear in our Adwords client management account.

(5) We’ll Now Have What We Need

Using this access, we can review your campaign directly within our Adwords client management account.




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